We’ve gotten some nice write-ups on the Internet web pages lately. LET US SHOW THEM TO YOU.

Back in April, freelance screenwriter and Los Angeles sketch comedian Peter Harmon posted our video “Mystery Science Andre 3000″ on his blog The Best Sketch Comedy on the Net. Take a look at the rest of his blog while you’re there; he’s got a TON of great sketches from amateurs and pros posted. Thanks, Peter!

Last month, Technically Philly did an article on comedy on the web that featured quotes from our very own JP Boudwin, Rob Baniewicz, and Billy Bob Thompson. Check it out!

Finally, Philly comedy blog WitOut wrote a very nice review of the May 22 CAMP WOODS PLUS, saying, “Camp Woods closed out the show, as always, with a set that well-represented their wide range of talents and showcased their unique style and comedic point of view.” Later, the review went on to add, ”Camp Woods is working harder than anybody else in Philly right now, and it shows … They are a group that is hitting their stride, have found their voice, and know how each of their members individually fit in and work best. And it is a joy to watch.” Thanks, WitOut! WE’RE BLUSHING!

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